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Try checking to see if Logitech Force 3D is compatible with xplane If it is try I use the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro on my mac. Not sure about.
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This one will bring back that hobby in you. Note that Logitech markets this under its own brand name and not Saitek, which it acquired from American video gaming tool brand Mad Catz in Brownie points for the build and the black-and-grey color combination. While it takes more force to push, which can be both a good and a bad thing, we found that it causes fatigue, especially in the middle of gameplay.

Flight or the Warthog. If dogfighting is your main game and Star Citizen and WarThunder the only games that you play, then you should not even check out the remaining three models.

Getting started - Extreme 3D Pro – Logitech Support + Download

This is a stick trusted by a legion of gamers around the globe. All the Mad Catz MC fans in the house can finally heave a sigh of relief. Coming in at 8 is the flight stick that MC made when Saitek was still around. Recommended for games like Wing Commander and Battlefield BF3 and , primarily , this one is a real hero at a price that makes us go weak in the knees.

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  • X-Force is back in 32 and 64 bits, for OS X and Windows..

The one and only flight stick in this list that is ambidextrous — meaning it is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed folks — making it the best choice for left-handed gamers. Even the Warthog or the X52 does not provide that comfort when we are talking about alignment change. And what more do you want to know about a flight stick if it can manage to run through the horrible settings of a game like Battlefield 3?!

The Mad Catz V. Apart from the use of a spring to hold the stick tension, we do not have any gripe with this smooth, responsive, and cost-effective joystick. This joystick aka Saitek Cyborg V.

How to Choose the Best Joystick for PC Games

If you are looking for an affordable HOTAS that does the job and is effective in your dogfighting bouts, then look no further. With the Swiss overlord still shifting gears and looking at ways to enhance the appeal and improve the quality of its acquisition, this is a prime example of how good it gets when a tech giant copulates with an innovative niche product manufacturer.

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  • Getting started - Extreme 3D Pro – Logitech Support + Download.

Please pardon our French. Metaphors aside, the chief differences between 4 and this are the plastic quality and finishing, an updated LCD system, and added settings for VR. So, if you are into the VR game HTC Vive, if we may recommend and are a die-hard space simmer, this is a great choice. Even though the problem of the erroneous software persists as with every Saitek HOTAS , this is one of the better flight sticks in the market right now. If you abhor flight sticks that look like toys and want a realistic HOTAS for all your space sims, and have an extended budget, we highly recommend the X52 Pro.

We have got you covered. In joystick parlance, this model is an infant but with tons of experience. A quick look will give you a good idea about its capability and function, and we mean it in a positive way. Homegrown brand with roots from Europe, CH Products is the real underdog here. An old brand with over 30 years of presence in the gaming and tech realms, this Pro flight stick is one of its bestselling models.

Additionally, CH Products is known for their fantastic customer support not that you will need it and its proprietary software that would bring the DIYer in you.

X-Force is back in 32 and 64 bits, for OS X and Windows.

No need to worry about squeaks or denting because CH has it covered for you in arguably their best product to date. These are the top ten best joysticks and flight sticks that you can consider to enhance your gaming experience. Whether it is space simulation or arcade fighting, these are worth your money.

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But, if you are new to the world of HOTAS and joysticks, why not get the basics right first and then select your option? Here is a brief guide to help you make a wise purchase because buying a joystick is not like downloading a free game from Steam or GOG. With space simulation games making a comeback having advanced graphics and functionality, and with VR spreading its wings , immersive gaming is a definite reality.

No one uses gamepads or toy joysticks anymore because we want more reality and immersive technology as we try to move away from the actual reality of life. With brands such as Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Mad Catz unleashing their technological prowess, there are numerous features that are available to choose from.

But a gamer should focus on these few:. As mentioned earlier, having complementary peripherals with your flight stick can considerably enhance your experience. Why are you doing this, Jacob? These are the best joysticks and flight sticks that money can buy.

What is FlightGear Mac OS X?

The important thing to note is that these models have stood the test of time, and continue to be the best in what they offer and how. If you are experiencing detection problems using one of the supported devices on a Mac, please contact Apple to ensure your computer meets these requirements. If you are experiencing problems in a particular game, please contact the game manufacturer. To determine if your Logitech game controller is detected please do the following: OS 9.

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Click "System Profiler". Click the "Devices and volumes" tab. Look at the USB tree to confirm that the controller is listed.

OS Double click the "Applications" folder. Double click the "Utilities" folder.

Self made Helicopter Stearings (with Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for X-Plane 10)

Double click "System Profiler". I have x-plane 9 and I keep seeing on the internet people recommending it even x-plane! None for Mac. This scans on Logitech drivers on your system and can even update them. Not checked though, cause I am running on Vista. Not finding what you are looking for? Logitech Wingman Video Game Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

Step 2: Please assign your manual to a product:. Read the manual if need be or watch the flight school videos found when you initially start X-Plane. Don't go anywhere near Windows or your PC operating system. Your joystick should work when installed through X-Plane. This site is for X-Plane support questions only. Please search for existing answers before posting your question. Off-topic questions will be locked. Ask a Question. Xplane cannot see working joystick. There is photo of that issue. Suddenly X-Plane tells me "No flight controls found" as mentioned exactly by Allsamgar too?

Regards, Ralf. They've worked fine for months but since today October 13, they cannot be found by X-plane 11 Steam version. My PC recognizes them just fine, and they work in other programs.