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YAMJ is a practical and straightforward software solution worth having when you need to create your own jukebox by scanning the folder you.
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However, this is not the same thing as Blu-ray 3D, which is not possible on the Dunes. Blu-rays use p PGS subtitles which work fine. In their standard format p they play fine. Thanks for the reply. I got the 2nd one, but the first one is still confusing me. Would you explain the difference between side by side and none- side by side 3ds?

If it is too long to explain, then direct me to a reference or something. The easiest way to explain is sbs side by side 3D is typically half resolution although you could have full sbs. Here is a good article:. There is one point I just do not get: Everybody talks about Dune being a great mediacenter.

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So I buyed my one a few month ago. Hell, I just want to use it as a music-jukebox. Do I am the only person on this planet who wants to just play music with the Dune, allowing to see Cover-Art and creating playlists? Is there ANY clever way to find a solution for using it as a music-jukebox? I would really appreciate your feedback. I personally would never recommend the Dune if music playback is a priority. That is definitely not its strong point as you have found out. I have never tried Musicnizer but have heard mixed reviews.

I know the yaDIS developer just hinted that he is working on a music version of yaDIS, so that sounds like it could have potential. But thanks you anyway for your quick reply and the hint. I will just put my dune in a corner and will check the dune homepage and yadis devs from time to time. Thanks once again, and have a merry christmas!

Thanks a lot. Sorry about wrong sample copyright issue. Great, thank you. Anyone know how to make a playlist from an external hard drive connected to the Dune HD1? Does anyone know, if the Dune can playback a folder with mixed media-content as a slideshow? I know for example when I click on a TV show folder with multiple episodes and there are images in that folder as well to initiate a playlist only the videos play. Thanks for the reply … support from Dune confirmed this.


Here is my Setup. Dune D1 connected to my router 3. Also I use a lot of external subtiles srt and sub files with my AVI and MKV files, will the Dune allow me to load these files and allow me to edit the sync of the subtitles? Yes that will work. You can use the file browser of the Dune to simply navigate to your library and play back, or you can use a 3rd party jukebox to manage.

I would format the drive and remove all excess stuff off of it. Someone else I was corresponding with was having a similar problem setting up a USB drive as system storage, and he said removing the included software that came on the USB drive fixed his problem. Excellent Review. I have one question about the D1. With the stock Dune UI it will show as separate libraries. Awesome Thank You!

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Also, one last question. Trying to decide between getting the Dune D1 or B1. Does it mean there are 2 versions of D1? I believe the Dune has NFS built in. Built-in or already on? So sorry about this, had a complete brain fart. The Dune does not have this nor to my knowledge can you install on the Dune. Apologies for the mixup. I have had the pch-a for a number years for general streaming of kids recordings mp4s , rips and occasional photo slideshow and have been happy with it for the fact that it reads everything.

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But it is time for an upgrade for a more responsive UI and I am looking at both the a and one of the Dunes. I have similar streaming needs to your and I have read both of your thoughtful reviews of the a and the D1.

The H1 is a better fit if you plan on constantly swapping out an internal hard drive. I wish I could give a better recommendation of the A right now but I need to see a few bugs fixed first. I need to know is it possible for me to play video content over network not local which is located in Dune internal hard disk? The projector installed at shopping mall which is 15km distance from office. Both are connected with internet. You need to turn on SMB server on the Dune itself if you want to access the Dune internal drive from a PC just dig through the dune settings and you will find.

Thank you and congratulations. In the U. S, no.

Outside of the U. Hi Damian. Thanks in advance for your fast reply. Is it hardware or software? How to buy Dune Presenter, can i buy it from internet? On your experience will it work at p? Thanks, Carlo. Is BDRebuilder an encoder?

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Only want to get rid of extra non-English audio tracks and subs to bring down the ISO size a bit with full menu still intact. Any of you folks know why the Dune D1 has been in pre-order status everywhere for almost a month now? I bought the B1 from DunePlayer. The Dune is great but this is getting ridiculous.

Hi just checked Amazon and there in stock. I recently got the D1, thanks to your review of the box that made my decision an easy one. Both of photo and music mp3 are in NAS server accessed via wire network. If not, is there any hack to install third party browser like firefox that supports flash.

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Thanks Damian. When pausing a movie, at some point it would go into screen saver mode and start cycling through the photos on my server. This was a really cool function and the rendering was of a very high quality. Thanks for quick reply. You know any internet streaming box that supports ESPN3? Damian, Stumbled across alot of your stuff in the past few days researching media players.

But one thing that is a must is local playback ability. I want every file to play without issue. And again being somewhat new to the scene we are talking about really the most common files. I did not notice on here however, as with your popbox v8 review, that you tested 3d SBS. Is that a playable file on here? I am joining the ranks of 3D ownership so it is also somewhat important.

And also if you could. Network abilities and Internet abilities are non-issue. Thank you In Advance. The difference though is that with the V8 it sends a signal to your TV to auto switch it into 3D mode. With the Dune and most other players you need to manually switch your TV into 3D mode when playing. Even the v8 now has some audio issues that appear from time to time that can be a bit annoying.