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Note: On many notebook computers and most Macs, "Function keys" (briefly The player can often get around this by pressing the Fn key or.
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Windows is the main platform for serious gaming, and many games — including Minecraft — run better on Windows.

Fix for keyboard unresponsive problem when playing Minecraft game in Macbook Pro?

Normally, you move around using WASD as direction keys, which many people learned playing Quake in The right hand is best used for a mouse. Playing action games with a touchpad is one of the punishments used in hell. The obvious differences are in the four keys to the left of the space bar, where Windows and MacBook keys have different labels and different functions. However, keys can be remapped to different functions.

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Ask your son to show you which keys are used differently in Minecraft, and see if you can remap them on the Alienware keyboard. There are several alternatives.

Minecraft For Dummies

Put the laptop on a riser, plug in the external keyboard and he will be typing in a more ergonomic position. There are plenty of Apple-style keyboards available from Apple and third-party suppliers.

There are even a few with the mechanical keys that many gamers prefer, though they may not match the MacBook Air layout closely enough for your son. Getting an Apple keyboard to work with a Windows laptop might be a bit tricky, but whoever ran parkernet. The file is available from mikecann. For more information, see How to use a Mac keyboard on Windows.

In this case, Bootcamp should be faster. If your son reckons a current MacBook Pro — with touch bar and butterfly keyboard — is usable, then the cheapest option is the 13in model with a 1. What kind of gaming PC could you get for that sort of money? Second, you can get a dedicated graphics card, which usually makes a big difference with Minecraft. Third, you can get a laptop where not all the parts are soldered in or glued down, so you can upgrade them later.

They have also been quick to adopt Ryzen chips. Upgrade options are much the same as for the Legion Y The specs make the Dell the best buy, but the HP Omen dcna looks a lot more stylish. If you want to look at other options, Ultrabook Review is keeping a list of laptops with RTX graphics cards. As it says, this is currently your best bet for laptop gaming at a reasonable price.

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As such, you should be able to trigger keyboard shortcuts by substituting the "Windows" key for the "Control" key. You can reinstate your "Control" key as the primary source of keyboard shortcuts using the Modifier Keys menu. To access this menu, click the Apple logo on the toolbar and open "System Preferences.

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In addition to the altered role of the "Command" key, Apple refers to some standard keys by different names. This could cause confusion for users who are not familiar with Apple's terminology. However, it is still fundamentally the same key, with identical locations and functions on both Windows and OS X systems. Andy Walton has been a technology writer since , specializing in networking and mobile communications. He was previously an IT technician and product manager. Walton is based in Leicester, England, and holds a bachelor's degree in information systems from the University of Leeds.

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BlueStacks Controls for Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepad

Control Key Mapping It might seem strange, but the likely cause of your "Control" key seemingly not working on a Mac is that it is actually acting as "Control," rather than a "Command" key. Altering Mappings You can reinstate your "Control" key as the primary source of keyboard shortcuts using the Modifier Keys menu. Key Names In addition to the altered role of the "Command" key, Apple refers to some standard keys by different names.