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Perhaps a higher resolution look? Then look no further for today, you will learn about the wonders of texture packs in Minecraft. There are texture packs available for the Creative version of Minecraft and the Survival version; with Survival having the most packs available.

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To get started, choose a texture pack you want to install and download it. To install the pack, you must have started Minecraft at least once in either the browser or in the downloadable client. I grab my texture packs from the Official Minecraft Mapping and Modding forum. Boot up Minecraft, click on the 'Mods and Texture Packs' section and then click "Open texture pack folder".

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The interface makes it easy to create, modify and export your texture packs for Minecraft by using premium tools. With Block Builder for Minecraft, you get more features and tools than anything else out there. Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at seejaykayapps gmail. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Block Builder for Minecraft even better. Seejaykay apps and websites are family friendly. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

Easily switch between texture packs in Minecraft

Coming soon: PE texture pack support! This app is currently only for Java PC edition.

Try the new Minecraft Java Textures | Minecraft

I thought this would be a great replacement for the old "Texture Creator Pro" that worked until minecraft 1. However, once I got to the app, there were barely any templates only grass, stone, TNT, and Empty Block which made it difficult to make a resource pack based on original textures.

How to Download and Install Texture Packs on Mac! (1.10 & Up!)

What's worse, you could only make textures for a fraction of the blocks. The rest you have to BUY!! Why do I need to buy something in an app when I had to buy the app itself?!?! Don't get this. It's worthless. I almost never write reviews, but when I do, it's either really good, or really bad I bought this thinking, oh, I'll be able to make my own texture packs now.

Nope, you only are able to make certain block textures, you have to pay to get them. When you pay, it costs more than the actual app itself. There are templates that you can use, like stone or grass, but they aren't even a real texture for the real block.


I'm guessing this app is fairly new, when I made this, there's only one other review, when I made this, so I wouldn't buy it. If they fix everything, then it might be a decent app.

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Notice that I said might. This is horrible do not buy it does not work I am so angry right now I just wanted a custom texture pack so I don't have to have the plastic texture pack for Minecraft!