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Discs you burn on your Mac can also be used on Windows and other types of Double-click the disc to open its window, then drag the files and folders you want .
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The files you will want to backup will be inside of the folders shown in BOLD. You will not need to backup anything else. You can find the size of a single file in the Finder with the selection of "Details". File size will be shown in one of the columns. You can find the size of a folder with the "Get Info" command: just highlight the folder and use COMMAND-I or the Finder Menu A new window will appear showing the size of the files in the selected folder or folders, if multiple are highlighted.

Burn a Data Disc or ISO Image

The number of files is not important; the size of those files combined is what will determine how much free space is needed. After you've determined the size of your files, you can decide whether to use CDs or DVDs to back up. The following sizes can used on your Mac Superdrive:. Burn folders are especially handy for burning several copies of a folder, or for regularly backing up a set of files by burning them to discs.

Can't delete a Mac burn folder - problem solved |

The original files that the aliases point to are burned to the disc. In addition, if any folder in the burn folder contains aliases, the original files for those aliases are burned to the disc as well. If the Finder cannot find the original file for an alias, it asks whether to cancel burning or to continue without that item.

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If you cancel, the disc remains empty. If a burn folder is in the sidebar of a Finder window, you can quickly burn its contents to a disc by clicking the burn icon beside it.

How to open, edit, and convert FPBF files

You can then use that disc as a backup, send it to friends, or copy those files to another computer. Mac OS X burns discs that can also be used on Windows computers and other types of computers. When you burn the disc, the original files that the aliases point to are burned to the disc. Once the disk is finished writing, it will eject itself from your Mac.

Name the folder what you wish. The folder will be designated with the fallout shelter symbol. Drag all the MP3s into this folder. OS X creates shortcuts to the actual MP3s, so you don't have to worry about messing up the folder structure and MP3 location of your music library.

Burning files to a CD or DVD

Open the Burn Folder. Click "Burn" in the upper-right of the window.

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A window will open, allowing you to specify speed and confirm the action. A window showing the progress will appear.

Mac Tips #2 - Creating a Burn Folder